How to get to South Palm Resort Maldives

How to get to South Palm Resort Maldives

South Palm Resort Maldives is accessible via a 95-minute domestic flight transfer from Malé airport (Velana International) to Gan International Airport, followed by a 15-minute speedboat ride to the resort.

Given the substantial distance from Malé (530km or 330 miles), boat-only transfers to South Palm Resort Maldives are not available.

South Palm Resort Location

South Palm Resort is situated in the picturesque Addu Atoll, the southernmost atoll of the Maldives. It is one of only two resorts, in the Maldives, south of the equator. This idyllic location offers pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush tropical greenery, providing a perfect backdrop for a tranquil escape.

South Palm Resort Maldives domestic transfer map

Your Arrival at Malé Airport (MLE)

Upon your arrival at Malé airport (Velana International) in the Maldives and after clearing security to enter the arrivals hall, you will receive a warm welcome from a resort guide. They will be holding a wooden sign bearing the name "South Palm Resort Maldives" and will be ready to assist you in directing you to the designated area for your domestic transfer to the resort. They can also offer assistance with your luggage as needed.

Domestic Transfer to South Palm Resort Maldives

Maldivian domestic transfer for South Palm Resort Maldives

Your resort guide will accompany you and your belongings to the domestic airport terminal. Here, you can await your flight or, for an additional charge, relax in the Maldivian Airline lounge with refreshments.

Gan International Airport (GAN) is the closest domestic airport to South Palm Resort Maldives, located in the southern part of the atoll. Maldivian, the country's primary domestic carrier, offers regular flights to this destination. Their fleet consists of air-conditioned ATR-72 and ATR42 turboprop aircraft, as well as Dash 8-200 and Dash 8-300 aircraft, renowned for their robust design, advanced safety features, and reliable performance.

The flight to Gan typically lasts approximately 95 minutes from Malé, followed by a 15-minute speedboat journey across the small Addu Atoll (previously known as Seenu Atoll) to the resort.

Your checked luggage will be handled by resort staff.

South Palm Resort Maldives Transfer Prices in 2024


These are the current costs for transfers to South Palm Resort Maldives. Prices are per person for a return trip including taxes.

  • Domestic Transfer (including speedboat to resort)
    • Adult $420
    • Child $325
  • Speedboat ONLY from Gan International Airport*
    • Adult $70
    • Child FREE

Infants under 2 are free as they do not require their own seat. Children aged 12 or over are classed as adults for transfers.

Prices above are for guidance only, your actual charge will depend on the prevailing rates at the time of your booking.

*For those landing at Gan International Airport from abroad.

Do I have to travel by domestic transfer?

Domestic transfers are the only transfer method South Palm Resort Maldives use. Due to the considerable distance between Malé and the Addu (Seenu) Atoll, seaplanes can not fly to the resort.

However, there are advantages to a domestic transfer:

  • The arrival window for your international flight is much larger with a domestic flight as they aren't limited to flying during daylight hours - like seaplanes
  • Domestic flights are more easily accessible
  • They are usually the cheaper transfer option
  • You often have the option to bring a greater quantity of luggage

Will I get a certificate for crossing the equator?

Yes, indeed! When you travel by domestic transfer from Malé to Gan, you'll cross the equator. To mark this memorable occasion, all guests who make the journey to the resort via domestic flight will receive a personalized Equator Crossing Certificate, presented by the Captain of the airplane.

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