How to get to Reethi Beach Resort

Updated: 2024-04-17T11:57:31.873Z

There are two ways to reach Reethi Beach Resort from Malé airport. The first is a scenic seaplane flight and the second is a domestic transfer to a nearby airport followed by a speed boat ride. Both options take about 40 minutes. Generally, we recommend seaplane as the best option. There are no boat-only transfers to Reethi Beach due to the distance from Malé (125km or 80 miles).

Your Arrival at Malé Airport (MLE)

After you land in the Maldives at Malé airport (Velana International) and clear security into the arrivals hall you'll be met by a resort guide. They'll help direct you to exactly where you need to go for your onwards transfer to Reethi Beach, and can assist with luggage.

Your onwards journey will depend whether you choose seaplane or domestic transfer:

Option 1 - Seaplane to Reethi Beach

Manta air seaplane for Reethi Beach

Your resort guide will help you and your belongings into a vehicle for transport to the seaplane terminal - only a few minute's drive away. Once at the terminal you'll be able to check in and wait for your seaplane flight. In the mean time, you can enjoy some close up views of the seaplanes, or for an additional charge a lounge with refreshments is also available.

Reethi Beach uses Manta Air seaplanes for transfers to Reethi Beach. These are some of the newest seaplanes in the Maldives and fly to a pre-determined schedule to minimise your waiting time.

Once on board the sea plane the flight should take approximately 40 minutes; however, transfers may take slightly longer if they are delivering guests at other Baa atoll resorts along the way.

Seaplanes land on the water just off Reethi Beach. Here you'll disembark to the floating seaplane platform and on to a dhoni (local ferry boat) for a few minutes ride to your first steps on Reethi Beach. Staff from the resort will be available to assist guests and take care of your luggage.

Option 2 - Domestic Transfer to Reethi Beach

Flyme domestic transfer for Reethi Beach

The nearest airport to Reethi Beach is the island of Dharavandhoo. The preferred domestic carrier is Flyme (Villa Air) which have regular flights to Dharavandhoo aboard air-conditioned ATR-72 turboprop aircraft. These are the same planes used by many domestic carriers across the world and have a proven track record.

This is a short, straight flight with no stops along the way which takes around 20-minutes. From the local airport island you'll board a speedboat for a 20-minute ride to your final destination - Reethi Beach.

Reethi Beach domestic transfer map

Reethi Beach Transfer Prices in 2024


These are the current costs for transfers to Reethi Beach. Prices are per person for a return trip.

  • Seaplane
    • Adult $385
    • Child $231
  • Domestic Transfer
    • Adult $290
    • Child $175

Infants under 2 are free in both cases. Children aged 12 or over are classed as adults for transfers.

Prices above are for guidance only, your actual charge will depend on the prevailing rates at the time of your booking.

Is a seaplane or domestic transfer better?

In general we recommend a seaplane transfer to Reethi Beach.

Seaplanes are such an iconic part of the Maldives and the low flight level gives incredible views. It's a fantastic journey worth experiencing at least once.

However, there are some advantages to a domestic transfer which may be relevant to you. You should choose a domestic transfer instead if any of the following apply to you:

  • International flights arriving in the Maldives after 3pm Malé time (seaplanes only fly during daylight).
  • You don't want to go on a seaplane, or you have limited mobility which would make it difficult.
  • A cheaper transfer option is preferred or you have a significant amount of luggage
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