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How to get to Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

Updated: 2024-04-17T11:39:56.617Z

The exclusive means of reaching Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru is through a seaplane.

The 35-minute seaplane journey from Malé International Airport offers guests a stunning introduction to their holiday, providing a panoramic view of the azure lagoons and meandering atolls.

The Four Seasons Resorts possess their dedicated seaplane fleet, yet they also make use of seaplanes from Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA).

There are no boat-only transfers to Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru due to the distance from Malé (118km or 73 miles).

Your Arrival at Malé Airport (MLE)

Upon arriving in the Maldives at Malé airport (Velana International) and clearing security to enter the arrivals hall, a dedicated Four Seasons resort guide will be there to meet you holding a wooden sign with the resorts name. They will assist with your luggage and guide you to a Four Seasons vehicle or to the (prominently placed) Four Seasons airport lounge to await your transportation to the seaplane terminal.

Seaplane to Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

TMA Seaplane landing

Your resort guide will help you and your belongings into the Four Seasons vehicle for transport to the seaplane terminal, located just a few minutes' drive away. Upon arrival at the terminal, you can enjoy close-up views of the seaplanes from the Four Seasons seaplane lounge, The Island Café, which boasts a wraparound balcony overlooking the water and boardwalk. The café offers wholesome dining choices, creatively designed spaces for relaxation, dining, and rejuvenation both pre and post flights. Additionally, it provides entertainment with games, magazines, a play area, and an observation telescope for observing seaplanes taking off and landing while you wait for your seaplane flight.

Once you board the seaplane, the flight is anticipated to last around 35 minutes. However, the transfer may take a bit longer if the plane makes a stop to pick up guests from the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa on the way to the Baa Atoll.

Cruising at just 3500 feet, the flight offers guests the opportunity to comfortably admire the pearl-like islands of the Maldives.

Seaplanes touch down on the water just off the shores of Landaa Giraavaru. Upon arrival, you'll disembark onto the floating seaplane platform and then transfer to a dhoni (local ferry boat) for a brief journey to take your first steps on the island. The resort staff will be on hand to assist guests and handle luggage during this process.

Baa Atoll map featuring Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

Which seaplane should I take to Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru?

There are three options for seaplane transfers to Landaa Giaavaru. All are operated by Trans Maldivian Airways which own a fleet of 61 de Havilland Twin Otter seaplanes. Trans Maldivian Airways manages the most extensive seaplane operation globally and has built a dependable reputation over time.

The Flying Triggerfish (8Q-TAK)

The Flying Trigger Fish - Four Seasons Private Seaplane

The Flying Triggerfish is a specially customized DHC-6-300 Twin Otter seaplane exclusively for the guests at Four Seasons Maldives. Equipped with eight extra-wide VIP Muirhead leather seats, the aircraft ensures a luxurious experience.

Inspired by the vibrant Picasso triggerfish native to Maldivian waters, the private plane undergoes complete customization both inside and out. This includes a luxurious refurbishment, as well as an upgraded Garmin 950NXi avionics suite. With half the usual number of seats found in a commuter seaplane, guests can enjoy ample space and indulge in Four Seasons amenities, such as noise-cancelling headphones.

The Flying Boxfish (8Q-TAV)

The Flying Boxfish - Four Seasons Private Seaplane

Exclusively for the use of Four Season Maldives, The Flying Boxfish is the second seaplane inspired by marine themes to soar through the Maldivian skies as part of the Four Seasons' private seaplane fleet. Released in 2023, it follows the 2019 launch of its Picasso-inspired predecessor, The Flying Triggerfish.

Showcasing a vibrant yellow and black spotted design, the customized premium 10-seater DHC-6-300 Twin Otter Flying Boxfish offers a striking choice for private seaplane transfers from Malé (Velana International) Airport to Landaa Giraavaru.

Trans Maldivian Air Transfer

Trans Maldivian Airways seaplane

In addition to the Flying Triggerfish and Flying Boxfish, the resort makes use of the 14-seat commuter seaplanes operated by Trans Maldivian Airways. These flights may stop at other Baa Atoll resorts along the way, so may take a little longer to arrive.

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru Transfer Prices in 2024


These are the current costs for transfers to Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru. Prices are per person for a one way trip. All rates are subject to 27.6% service charge and GST.

  • Flying Triggerfish Seaplane (includes CIP immigration and luggage service)
    • Adult $760
    • Child $760
    • Private flight (up to 8 persons) $6700
  • Flying Boxfish Seaplane
    • Adult $500
    • Child $250
    • CIP services per person $203
    • Private flight (up to 10 persons) $5500
  • TMA Seaplane
    • Adult $440
    • Child $220
    • Private flight (up to 14 persons) $5000

Infants under 2 are free in all cases as they will travel on parents laps. Children aged 12 or over are classed as adults for transfers.

Prices above are for guidance only, your actual charge will depend on the prevailing rates at the time of your booking.

Do I have to transfer via seaplane?

Seaplanes are a distinctive and iconic means of transportation in the Maldives, providing breath-taking views due to their low flying level. The journey is truly fantastic and definitely something worth trying at least once.

Nevertheless, there are alternative ways to travel within the Maldives and if you or your family prefer other modes, it's advisable to communicate with the resort. They may have alternative transportation options available.

Do seaplanes only travel to Landaa Giraavaru during daylight hours?

Yes, seaplanes in the Maldives only operate during daylight hours. If your international flight is scheduled to arrive in Malé after 4pm then guests are required to spend the night at Four Seasons Resort Kuda Huraa, or at a nearby resort of their choice, prior to transferring to Landaa Giraavaru.

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